A quick, no-frills summary of resources

Actual Text of the Initiative

Flyers to download
Amendment 26 Fact Sheet, by Sangeetha Shivaji
What are You Saying "Yes" To?, by DeeDee Baldwin
Correcting the "Scare Tactics" Flyer, by DeeDee Baldwin

Medical Community against 26
Mississippi State Medical Association
Mississippi Nurses Association
National Advocates for Pregnant Women
National Infertility Association
American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Mississippi Chapter

Clergy against 26
Hope Morgan Ward, Bishop of the Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church
Todd Owen Watson, United Methodist Minister
Duncan M. Gray, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi (and pro-life)
James L. Nichols, Jr., Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Greenville (and pro-life)
Yes, Christians can stand against Initiative 26
Faith Leaders Speak on 26

Birth Control
Which Birth Control Methods Cause Abortion? (this is linked in Personhood's own booklet, page 13)
Beverly McMillan on Birth Control (she's on the Yes advisory board)
Yes on 26's Ever-Shifting Stance on Birth Control
Who's Exposing Whom?
More doubletalk on birth control and ectopic pregnancy

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
Even its supporters admit — Initiative 26 could outlaw in-vitro fertilization
Dr. Eric Webb of Yes On 26 speaks about IVF restrictions
IVF and Single Embryo Transfer

Life of the Mother
Personhood Info Booklet, see page 13 (fetus equally protected by 14th amendment)
Pro-Life Practices in the Real World, by Atlee Breland - great summary article
Liberty Counsel on Ectopic Pregnancy, by Atlee Breland - treatment of ectopics under pro-life regulations
Where is the Line?, Stacey Spiehler in Jackson Free Press
More doubletalk on birth control and ectopic pregnancy, by Atlee Breland - scary quote from Association of Pro-Life Physicians!

Yes on 26 Lying / Misleading
If at First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again!
Correcting the "Scare Tactics" Flyer
Who's Exposing Whom?

Trust Families
Cristen Hemmins, no exception for rape
Rachel Maddow's Coverage, interview with Cristen Hemmins
Dr. Nicole Lee on Ectopic Pregnancies
Dr. Tom Fowlkes on Keeping Women's Healthcare Safe
Angela Worthy, RN, MPH
The Men Behind Initiative 26
Following the Money, who's funding each side
How 26 Can Hurt All Pregnant Women
Haley Barbour Expresses Doubts about 26
No on 26 Rally in Oxford
Fox News Coverage, interviews with Atlee Breland and Randall Hines

BBC Interview with Atlee Breland, Dr. Randall Hines, and 26 Supporter (go to 26:35)
On Point: The New Abortion Battlefield (discussion with some of the key players on each side)
Personhood rep Walter Hoye saying that it WILL affect birth control
NPR Interview with Atlee Breland

Philosophical/Ethical/Legal Implications of 26
Life and Law — The commitment to pre-embryonic personhood, Jonathan Will, professor of Law at Mississippi College
Personhood: the question we’re actually asking, Atlee Breland

Personal Stories and Notes
Julie Dunn Shedd
Jamie Doty
Timeka Davis
Tony Giachelli
Samantha Breland Lang

Local Media
Initiative 26: The questions mount, Clarion Ledger
Battle over Personhood initiative: Doctors fear interference, Clarion Ledger
Local families, doctors say 26 is dangerous, Starkville Daily News
Initiative 26 attacks women's rights, Meridian Star
Proposition 26: Dangerous to all pregnant women, Hattiesburg American
Amendment would have unintended consequences, Clarion Ledger
Think Carefully Before Voting, Hattiesburg American
Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour cites concern about personhood initiative, Clarion Ledger
Initiative 26 should be open for high school discussion, NEMS360

National Media
Pro-Life Nation, New York Times (2006 article about conditions under personhood in El Salvador)
How an anti-abortion push to redefine 'person' could hurt women's rights, Washington Post
Personhood Laws in Mexico Preview Mississippi's Future, Slate
Mississippi Blues, Ms. Magazine Blog
The 'Personhood' Initiative, New York Times
The Scrambled Logic of the Egg-As-Person Movement, Lindsay Beyerstein
Push for 'Personhood' Amendment Represents New Tack in Abortion Fight, New York Times
The next front in the abortion wars: Birth control, Salon (includes Freda Bush's quote about not being the authority on what will or will not be banned)
Of Personhood and the Pill: What's at Stake?, Atlee Breland in Religion Dispatches
Welcome to Personhood in Mississippi, Daily Kos
Mississippi's Ambiguous Personhood Amendment, New York Times
Mississippi's Personhood Bill Makes God Look Bad, Religion Dispatches
Miss. Set To Vote On Measure Making Fetus A Person, NPR