Note: I created this page because friends and friends-of-friends were often asking me for my pricing to do freelance, in-depth research for them, and I wanted something quick to refer them to. General genealogy requests that come in through the library are, of course, free!

I absolutely love working on genealogy, both for myself and others. The website I keep to document my own family history is here.

Setting prices for genealogy research is difficult. Sometimes you can spend five minutes on and connect a person’s tree back centuries. Sometimes I’ll spend hours trying to find something – anything – about one person. Professional genealogists cost a lot of money to hire, and I’ve never been able to afford one for myself. I believe family pokies with payid history should be accessible to every single person who wants to find it, so I try to keep my prices as low as possible, and I’m always willing to negotiate.

In general, here are my prices:

Specific research on a “brick wall” or particular person or family mystery: $20/hour (and I can get a lot done in one hour)

Starting your tree from scratch based on what you know (includes creating a tree for you on and finding as much as I can up to several generations back: $100

Please note: I don’t have access to many international records, so if you’re researching outside the United States, I may be very limited in what I can help you with.

If you have a request that doesn’t fit either of these two categories, or if you want to discuss some other arrangement, feel free to email me: